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Sawing machine GV5380/80-250

Sawing machine GV5380/80-250

1. The saw blade and the workpiece are twisted at 90°

2. The length of the sawing workpiece is not limited

3. The saw frame rotates by plus or minus 45 degrees

4. Hydraulic lifting telescopic platform feeding frame

5. Feed frequency conversion stepless speed regulation

6. Saw band frequency conversion stepless speed regulation

7. Hydraulic lifting of the upper bracket

8. Infrared tool setting device

9. Return oil cooling system

10. Optional chip removal system

11. Broken belt alarm device


1. Sawing range: throat height 800mm

                      Throat depth 800mm

                      Stroke 2500mm

2. The external dimensions of the host: about 3850 x width 1700 x height 3400

3. The main drive system: the synchronous belt wheel is driven by a motor to drive the saw wheel to run

4. Main motor power: 15KW

5. Workpiece clamping method: hydraulic tension

6. Band saw speed: 600-1500m/min frequency conversion stepless speed regulation

7. Guide arm movement mode: hydraulic cylinder push, button control;

8. Saw band tensioning method: manual

9. Saw blade specifications:6980X41X1.3mm

10. Oil pump motor power: 1.5KW

11. Reference standard: Q/JCLM001-2014

12. Verticality error:0.3/100

13. Straightness error: 1/500

14. Cutting time:about 10min (according to the height of 650mm and the length of 2200mm)