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Sawing machine GV53200-200X400

Sawing machine GV53200-200X400

1. This sawing machine adopts saw frame sliding carriage type mobile sawing to ensure absolute stability during the sawing process. The feed speed is displayed and the operation is convenient.

2. Adopt double frequency conversion motor for stepless speed regulation, frequency conversion of saw cutting feed speed and frequency conversion of saw blade running speed.

3. It has the functions of fast feed and fast retreat to improve work efficiency.

4. With hydraulic ejecting and hydraulic feeding functions, it is convenient for the placement of workpieces.

5. Saw blade hydraulic automatic tensioning device. The saw blade automatically relaxes after the machine stops to avoid metal fatigue of the saw blade and prolong the service life of the saw blade.

6. High-precision saw blade belt wheel and fixed hard alloy guide to ensure cutting accuracy.


1. Sawing range:throat height 2000mm

                      Throat depth 2000mm

                      Stroke 4000mm

2. Saw blade specification: 12000*67*1.6

3. Sawing speed: frequency conversion stepless speed regulation

4. Feeding speed:frequency conversion stepless speed regulation

5. Main motor power: 21kw

6. Saw band tensioning method: hydraulic automatic tensioning

7. Machine tool size:6300*5900*5360mm