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Sawing machine GV5365/50X

Sawing machine GV5365/50X

1. The saw blade and the workpiece are twisted at 90°.

2. The length of the sawing workpiece is not limited.

3. The saw frame rotates by plus or minus 45°.

4. Hydraulic lifting and telescopic platform feeding frame.

5. Frequency conversion and stepless speed regulation of saw band.

6. Feed frequency conversion stepless speed regulation.

7. The upper bracket is hydraulically raised and lowered.

8. Infrared tool setting device and oil return cooling system.

9. Chip removal system and belt break alarm device are optional.


1. Cutting range: 0° □650*500mm ○500mm

                       ±45°□500*500mm ○500mm

2. Saw blade specification: 5450*34*1.1mm

3. Sawing speed:0-90(m/min)

4. Feeding speed: infinite

5. Main motor power: 4kw

6. Workpiece clamping method: hydraulic

7. Saw band tensioning method:manual

8. Machine tool size: 2200*2400*2700mm

9. Machine weight: 3400kg