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Weilishi First Video Call for Papers ---- Angle Machine Cutting Video

  • Release Time:2017-04-05
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Mechanical products are large in size and complicated in use. It is difficult to give customers an intuitive experience. How to market has always been a major problem that plagues the industrial product industry. But with the continuous development and expansion of the network, we can believe that in the near future, the sales of industrial products will be as stereoscopic and intuitive as ordinary products. With the continuous expansion of the use of computers and mobile phones, and the increasing demand for product use videos, Zhejiang weilishi machine Co., Ltd. sincerely invites distributors and end customers to participate in the solicitation of angle machine cutting videos in response to customer needs.

1. Event organizer

Zhejiang weilishi machine Co., Ltd. Sales Department

2. Participation rules  

1. Participants

 Distributors and end customers of Zhejiang weilishi machine Co., Ltd.

2. Video requirements

(1) The product to be shot must be a horizontal sawing machine angle machine and a vertical sawing machine angle machine under the Weilishi or Weibao brand

(2) The video duration must be greater than or equal to 2 minutes

(3) The screen must show the brand LOGO (Weilishi or Weibao)

(4) The screen contains the entire cutting process, smooth and smooth, without noise

(5) Video format: MPEG, AVI, MP4 and other mainstream formats

(6) Fill in information: angle machine model, author's name, contact information, video content introduction. (Be sure to fill in your real information clearly for notification)

3. Submission method

Work delivery mailbox:


3. Call for time 

Call for works: April 5th-April 15th

WeChat voting time: April 16-April 25


4. Selection method

The event organizer will review all submitted videos, and after the review is passed, they will be displayed on the voting page and the video author will be notified. The selected videos will be voted on on the WeChat public account. Please scan the QR code below, send the "Video Contest" after you follow, and enter the push page to vote. WeChat voting time: April 16-April 25

Each WeChat account can vote once a day, and each time you can vote for the same work at most, and each time you vote for up to 5 works.

5. Awards

The winner of the event with the most votes will be rewarded with RMB 1,000

The award-winning video can be posted on Weilishi official website, Weilishi official WeChat account and Willis Ali English website after signing

6. Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1. How to make a good video to increase the chance of being selected?

Answer: ①Adding points for cutting timing function ②Adding points for customer experience

2. I am not a distributor, can I participate in the event?

Answer: Both distributors and end customers can participate in this event.

3. Can I participate in activities with a sawing machine after a long time?

Answer: Weilishi or Weilishi horizontal sawing machine angle machines and vertical sawing machine angle machines under the Weilishi brand, no matter how long they have been used, as long as they can still be used normally, you can participate in this event.

4. The angle machine is cutting at 90 degrees, can I participate in the activity?

Answer: Yes, but in principle it is best to perform angle cutting

5. Are there requirements for cutting materials?

Answer: There is no requirement for cutting materials

The final interpretation right of this event belongs to Zhejiang weilishi machine Co., Ltd., if you have any questions, please contact WeChat 13906881408 Weilishi Machinery, Tel: 0578-3265005