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Warmly celebrate the acceptance of the H330NC sawing machine customized by Shanghai Baosteel Group

  • Release Time:2016-10-17
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Good news, good news, the acceptance has passed! ! !

The important thing is said three times, the acceptance is passed, the acceptance is passed, and the acceptance is passed! ! !

On October 17th, the acceptance team of Shanghai Baosteel Group came to our company to accept the customized H330NC sawing machine. After careful and strict inspection, our product acceptance passed! ! !

Our company has come step by step, and our products have been recognized and supported by many users. The H330NC sawing machine accepted this time is specially developed and customized for Shanghai Baosteel Group. It is equipped with a 15-meter fully automatic electric feeding rack, and the one-time feeding and cutting are automatically completed. This model is our company's CNC fully automatic sawing machine. It adopts a man-machine touch panel and can set five sets of sawing parameters at the same time. It can automatically display faults and is easy to operate. It greatly improves production efficiency and saves labor costs. This time, Shanghai Baosteel came to our company to accept the product successfully, indicating that the customer is satisfied with our machine performance, sawing effect, work stability, and production and processing accuracy, and once again affirmed Weilishi's sawing machine!