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Classification of sawing machines

  • Release Time:2021-07-01
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In general, sawing machines are generally divided into three categories: circular sawing machines, band sawing machines, and bow sawing machines!

Circular sawing machine

The circular saw blade makes a rotating cutting movement, and at the same time it makes a feed movement with the saw box (see picture). Circular sawing machines are divided into horizontal (horizontal feed), vertical (vertical feed) and pendulum (swing feed around a point) according to the saw blade feed direction. In addition, there are various special circular sawing machines, such as oscillating sawing machines for cutting large casting pouring risers; combined saw-drilling machine tools for sawing and drilling of steel rails.

Band saw

The ring saw band is tensioned on two saw wheels, and the saw wheel drives the saw band to cut. There are two main types of band sawing machines: vertical and horizontal. The saw frame of the vertical band saw machine is set vertically, and the workpiece moves during cutting to cut the curved contour of the sheet and the formed part. The saw band can also be replaced with a file chain or sanding belt for filing or sanding. The saw frame of the horizontal band saw machine is arranged horizontally or obliquely, and feeds in the vertical direction or the direction of swinging around a point. The saw band is generally twisted by 40° to keep the saw teeth perpendicular to the workpiece. Horizontal type is divided into scissors type, double column, single column type band saw; according to the use, it is divided into manual type (economical manual feeding and manual cutting of materials), automatic type; according to the automation program using the controller, it can be divided into manual type ( Semi-automatic manual feeding) automatic type (automatic feeding and automatic cutting); according to the cutting angle requirements, it is divided into angle sawing machine (can saw the cutting angle of 90 degrees and 45 degrees) without angle, that is, 90 degrees vertical cutting.

Bow sawing machine

The saw bow equipped with the saw blade makes reciprocating motion and feeds by the saw frame swinging around a single point. The machine tool has a simple structure, small volume, but low efficiency. The trajectory of the saw blade of the hack saw machine has two kinds of linear and arc. When arcing, the saw bow swings a small angle around a point. Each saw tooth has a large cutting amount, easy chip removal and high efficiency. Most of the new bow sawing machines adopt this method.