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CNC multifunctional automatic sewing machine

CNC multifunctional automatic sewing machine

1. This CNC automatic sewing machine has automatic oil supply, automatic thread trimming, automatic reverse stitching, automatic thread break detection, power-off resuming sewing, automatic cycle processing, automatic alarm, automatic counting and timing, under thread shortage prediction, automatic parameter recovery, Encryption lock machine and other functions.

2. It has multiple functions in one machine, which can replace the traditional lockstitch sewing machine, long arm machine, knotting machine, embroidery machine, etc. The machine adopts the international advanced DSP chip, the system runs fast, the hardware integration is high, and the performance is stable. Support stepping, closed-loop stepping, brushless DC, servo drive, the whole machine runs with low noise.

3. This machine uses a 7-inch color LCD touch screen, supports Chinese and English, and has 256M (or 128M) file storage space. It can convert dxf, dst, dsb, ai, plt, edi, tzf format files generated by Autocad, Coredrew and other software into processing files.

4. The template machine supports special sewing patterns: such as knots, multiple meets, reverse stitches, shrink stitches, etc.


1. Needle pitch: 0.5mm-6mm

2. Sewing speed:200rpm-2800rpm

3. The number of templates that can be identified at the same time: 1-31; 1-250

4. Use machine needle: CPX17 #11(#8-#22)

5. Program input device: computer USB data cable or U disk

6. Number of memory programs: up to 999

7. Power supply requirements: single-phase AC220V/50-60Hz, power between 1.0-2.0kw

8. The temperature of the working space should be between 5-40℃, and the relative humidity should be 30%-90% without condensation.