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Sawing machine GW42100

Sawing machine GW42100

1. Double-column double-cylinder gantry structure, high-precision linear track.

2. The cutting speed is hydraulically controlled, and the speed is stepless.

3. The wire speed of the saw blade adopts frequency conversion stepless speed regulation.

4. Stable sawing and high precision.

5. It adopts hydraulic clamping and is easy to operate.

6. The workbench is hydraulically retractable automatically.

7. The saw band is tensioned hydraulically, and an automatic chip removal device is optional.


1. Sawing range: φ1000mm  1000mmx1000mm

2. Band saw speed: optional frequency conversion stepless speed regulation (0~60m/min)

3. Feeding speed: hydraulic stepless speed regulation, Taiwan-made speed regulation valve

4. Main drive system: drive with worm gear reducer

5. Main motor power: 11KW

6. Oil pump motor power: 2.25KW flow vane pump 3.0 liters

7. Hydraulic system: main components are made in Taiwan

8. Electrical part: Chint Electric is the main component

9. Band saw blade tensioning: using hydraulic automatic tensioning device

10. Feeding method: feeding by hydraulic platform, the stroke of the rear feeding frame is 1.8m (the length can be determined by the user)

11. Clamping method: front and rear double jaws hydraulic clamping

12. Overall dimensions of sawing machine:length 4600mm wide 2000 mm high 2850 mm

13. Saw band specification:square column 67x1.6x9960mm

14. Saw frame lifting: using six high-precision linear rails for positioning

15. Workbench bearing capacity:20 tons

16. Random accessories: equipped with a bimetallic band saw blade, a set of random tools