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Sawing machine GW42150

Sawing machine GW42150

1. Sawing range:φ1500mm□1500mmx1500mm

2. Saw band running speed: adopts frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, Anbangxin frequency converter (0~55m/min)

3. Feed rate: hydraulic stepless speed control, Taiwan Fengxin USING speed control valve

4. Main drive system: Adopt Boneng helical gear reducer (according to German SEW company standard)

5. Main motor power: 15KW(made in Shanghai)

6. Oil pump motor power: 5.5KW (Taiwan Chaotian) flow vane pump 3.0 liters

7. Hydraulic system: main components are made by Taiwan Qiyang Company

8. Electrical part: main components adopt Chint and Tianzheng electrical products

9. Band saw blade tensioning:using hydraulic automatic tensioning device

10. Feeding method: hydraulic platform feeding, the length of the rear feeding frame is 2M (length can be determined according to the user, plus cost)

11. Clamping method:front and rear double jaws hydraulic clamping

12. Optional automatic chip removal device, which can automatically discharge sawdust and facilitate the collection of sawdust

13. Workbench bearing capacity: 100 tons

14. Machine weight:about 32 tons

15. The overall dimensions of the sawing machine: about 7660mm in length, 2680 mm in width and 3950 mm in height

16. Saw band specification:80x1.6x15000mm