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Sawing machine H400/700

Sawing machine H400/700

1. Using a human-machine touch panel, five groups of sawing parameters can be set at the same time, faults are automatically displayed, and the operation is convenient.

2. The feed speed is hydraulically controlled, and the speed is stepless.

3. Full-stroke hydraulic bidirectional clamping device.

4. External hydraulic station.

5. Adopting grating ruler positioning, hydraulic oil cylinder feeding, precise positioning and stable feeding.

6. PLC control system.

7. The saw band is guided by the combination of cemented carbide and flow bearing, which is accurate and reliable and saves the saw band.

8. Equipped with a pressing and clamping device.

9. Active sawdust wire brush.


1. Sawing range: 400*700mm


3. Sawing speed: frequency conversion speed regulation

3. Saw blade specification: 5150*41*1.3mm

4. Main motor power: 5.5kw (level 6)

5. Machine size: 2750*1400*1550mm

6. Machine weight: 2400kg