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Burning a bonfire in zero weather is our expectation for 2021

  • Release Time:2021-01-03
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Cross 20, step 21

The weilishi big family gathers together. On the last day of 2020, on this special date, we gather, laugh, dance around the bonfire, eat meat together, sing the New Year together, play together as a team, and bring the joy of 2020 together. To 2021.

New Year is the first day of the year. Countries in the world, especially in ancient times, have different dates. Most countries in the modern world refer to January 1, which is the AD system. Modern times call "New Year's Day" as the Gregorian New Year, and "Spring Festival" as "Spring Festival". For the Chinese New Year.



Good times are prosperous, good years are prosperous

Good spring is radiant, good blessings are really true

Good homeland and harmony, good family affection and warmth

A good life is sweet and sweet, and a good day is happy!

Eat, eat, have good luck in the new year!

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Success and laughter, tears are also distressed

Hard work and support, tolerance and pride

Every bit is our taste and sharing

At this brand new moment

Happiness belongs to every new friend and old friend dedicated to the company


New Year's Day Gala

Turn and turn, turn out a happy New Year!


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Bad luck kick kick

On the last day of 2020

We compare bad luck to a ball, with circles forming circles

Kick bad luck into the circle

Hope the good luck of 2020 will always be with you!


Penguin moves

Let's pass good luck to each other together!

Stool grabbing begins!

Let's see who is the final winner!

The time to test your balance has come

It seems that a white-faced hero has appeared in the game!

The end of the game

Let's skip rope together on the 10-meter rope

Work together to jump out of the New Year’s expectations

It's a pity that I didn't use pictures to record this moment

But the sweat we shed will let us remember


The last game winner

Judging by the prize situation of each round of the game

They are:

Circular sawing machine workshop


Get the best understanding of the game!

The party ended successfully

This document is for everyone who silently contributes to weilishi

Responsibilities of each position

Are closely related to the company’s development

Time does not live, God rewards hard work

In the past year, we have gone through ups and downs

Despite the bumpy road, despite the difficulties, but the results are brilliant!

The new year is here again, and everyone needs to work hard to create miracles together!

I wish you all get what you want