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Weilishi has launched a new product

  • Release Time:2019-06-05
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The elements required for a successful business operation are: keen on the production of goods, know exactly how to produce the finished product, sense of responsibility and effective assignment of positions. Managers must enable deployment to give full play to their abilities and work independently to assume full responsibilities; they must also treat everyone in the corporate organization as a part of pursuing a common goal.


H400 / 700GNC


For stainless steel, die steel, bearing steel, carbon steel and other materials, in order to achieve the best sawing results, Weilishi has newly developed a platform-type automatic feeding H400/700GNC heavy-duty CNC automatic sawing machine, which is suitable for short, hard, and heavy materials. Sawing. In the automatic mode, the continuous sawing function of multiple sets of data of the platform can be realized, and the working platform can automatically return to the working origin, effectively preventing the phenomenon of damaging the feeding platform during the sawing process.

Best sawing


The H400/700GNC feeding platform can achieve precise feeding accuracy under the drive of a servo motor ball screw. When the material needs to be cut in a single time, the manual mode can be used. The pliers medium clamping system can accurately cut short materials, with stable and reliable clamping, and convenient and fast operation.

And it is equipped with automatic/manual free switching, which greatly improves work efficiency. The machine is equipped with frequency conversion speed regulation to realize multi-speed stepless speed regulation; automatic chip removal system automatically discharges sawdust out of the sawing machine to facilitate the collection of sawdust; hydraulic heat dissipation system improves the stability of the hydraulic system; thereby improving the overall sawing accuracy of the sawing machine And sawing effect. It is ideal for sawing short, hard and heavy materials such as stainless steel, die steel, bearing steel, carbon steel, etc.

Meet the future


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