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Zhengzhou International Equipment Manufacturing Expo sincerely invites you to come!

  • Release Time:2018-03-23
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Coming to the exhibition can fully display the latest products and services of sawing equipment, provide an efficient business cooperation and communication platform, and provide the best solutions for all participants.

Exhibition preview   

Exhibition name: Central China (Zhengzhou) International Equipment Manufacturing Expo

Exhibition time: March 22-24, 2018

Venue: Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center

Booth number: B113


Exhibition information  

The Central China (Zhengzhou) International Equipment Manufacturing Expo and the Central Plains International Equipment Manufacturing Expo ("Central China Manufacturing Expo Zhengzhou Exhibition" for short" was founded in 1999 and is held in Zhengzhou every spring. It has been successfully held 19 sessions so far. After 19 years of careful attention Built and tempered, it has now developed into the most influential and appealing brand event in the central region. It is known as the "barometer of the central industry" and has a large number of stable exhibitors and professional customer groups. Zhengzhou's largest machinery industry equipment exhibition.

The number of exhibitors, grades of exhibitors, exhibition area, number of visitors, technical lectures, event planning, customer service, site layout and other aspects of this exhibition have been steadily improved. In particular, the "professional audience, innovation, and service" three exhibition essence operations have ranked in the forefront of similar exhibitions. It is an ideal place for on-site exhibitions in the central region, and enterprises to learn and learn about the latest technologies and products.

At this exhibition, our company will have the following equipment grandly unveiled,

Welcome to the exhibition:

High-speed metal cutting circular saw

Efficient, precise, economical, fully automatic...

A new generation of sawing revolution!

Intelligent frequency conversion machine (frequency conversion)

More efficient and energy-efficient

More stable and quieter


Main and auxiliary column horizontal metal band sawing machine